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Having a positive impact and control over your digital identity will help you stand out and achieve your goals.

Why choosing Tiki'mee

With Tiki'mee, get remarKable on web and mobile

Showcase your difference
Tiki'mee lets you create one single page in the cloud with both your online presence (internet website, social networks) and your offline documents and photos (.pdf, .doc, etc.) from your desktop.
Control your e-reputation
75% of recruiters and prospects search your name on Google before meeting you. 70% of Tiki'mee profiles get listed int the 5 first results on Google.
Get an impressive email signature
Your Tiki'mee converts into a rich interactive email signature 100% customisable that conveys your indentity on non intrusive emails with a high click rate of 20% at first look.
Print remarKable Business Cards
You can print business cards with your unique QRcode on one side, and your Tiki'mee on the other side. 95% of contacts prefer our cards from traditional business cards
Live statistics of who visits you
Get rich statistics of who is visiting you, what document they look at, how your email signature or Qrcode is bringing you new contacts and business opportunities
Your own mobile app
Tiki'mee creates your own mobile web page. But soon you will get a personalised app for mobile and tablets to share with your contacts and organise your community
They are already RemarKable.. and you?